Full-mouth Rehabilitation

Poor dental health can have a profound impact on a person’s physical and emotional wellbeing. Some may feel their oral health is so badly affected that it’s beyond help. However, thanks to advances in restorative dentistry, even these patients can find hope in full-mouth rehabilitation.

Windcrest Cosmetic and General Dentistry offer full-mouth rehabilitation services for residents of San Antonio and its surrounding communities. Dr. Wright, Dr. De la Garza, and their skilled team use a combination of proven dental techniques and an eye for aesthetics to help patients return to a smile that is healthy, functional, and aesthetically appealing. If your smile is in need of restoration, don’t put up with it any longer. Call our office for a comprehensive consultation today.

Why Full-mouth Rehabilitation?

While most dental treatments focus on a targeted segment of the mouth, full-mouth rehabilitation affects all teeth, and often more. It involves a combination of treatments designed to address each patient’s unique needs and health challenges, improving not only their aesthetic, but their chewing ability as well. 

Full-mouth Restoration Services

Just as no two mouths are alike, no two full-mouth treatment plans are the same. Instead, o Our dentists consult with each patient individually, assessing their needs and talking with them to determine their goals for their smiles. Treatments often employed as part of a full-mouth rehabilitation plan include: 

Dental implants

In severe cases, more advanced surgical procedures may be required, including bone grafting or tissue reshaping. The dentist will talks with you about all procedure options to help you decide on the treatment plan that best suits your needs.

Are You a Candidate for Full-mouth Rehabilitation?

Patients who are most likely in need of rehabilitation are those whose dental condition affects both their aesthetic and dental functions. A patient missing several teeth, or with multiple teeth that have been cracked or broken, could often likely benefit from this service. Those with several teeth showing decay despite having large fillings may also need these teeth extracted and replaced.

Bruxism (grinding of the teeth) is another common contributor, leaving many patients with teeth worn down to nubs, making them all but ineffectual. Tobacco use is also well known for its detrimental effect on dental health, and many smokers require extensive work to restore their optimal smile.

State-of-the-Art Dental Care in San Antonio

At Windcrest Cosmetic and General Dentistry, providing exceptional patient care is our priority. We offer a plethora of dental services utilizing modern technology and techniques. Our dentists and their teamwork to stay updated on new developments, ensuring that our patients are receiving the best possible care. For expert dental care, contact our San Antonio practice today.

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