Crowns and Bridges

A quality crown or bridge restores the smile and ensures your teeth can last up to a lifetime.

At Windcrest Cosmetic and General Dentistry, we provide dedicated dental care using the highest quality materials. Call our office to schedule a consultation with our dentists to explore your options for crowns and bridges in San Antonio, TX.

Damage, missing teeth, or other complications not only harm the smile's appeal but cause other issues like bite imbalances and problems with chewing and speaking properly. Crowns and bridges are oral restorations that allow the smile to make a complete and full recovery, repairing broken teeth and replacing missing ones.

Options for Oral Restorations in San Antonio

Crowns restore treated teeth and protect them from infection. Our practice works with a local lab that creates beautiful, lifelike restorations with a great level of accuracy. A crown from Windcrest Cosmetic and General Dentistry looks just like a real tooth. 

Bridges replace up to three missing teeth in a row. Without replacement, teeth can shift out of alignment, leading to greater complications. Using a porcelain prosthetic, our dentists can close the gap and restore the bite.

Options for Crown and Bridge Materials

We offer a range of quality materials, from durable gold to lifelike porcelain, to restore your smile and fit your individual needs. Depending on your goals, we personalize your restoration to provide the most comprehensive treatment. 

Gold is by far the strongest material used in restorations. While they may not be as discreet as other choices, gold remains a reliable material and a great option for a crown that will last a lifetime.

Porcelain offers a high-gloss polish that looks just like the tooth's enamel, making for lifelike restorations. This option is the most aesthetically-minded choice, making for a natural-looking appearance.

Porcelain-fused-to-gold provides the best of both worlds. This option offers the beauty of a porcelain crown affixed to a gold base for a sturdy yet attractive restoration.

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