Oral Surgery

Experienced Oral Surgeon in San Antonio

The convenience of having your general dentist and oral surgeon in one place is unmatched. Patients at Windcrest Cosmetic and General Dentistry reap the benefits of this convenience and have excellent oral health as a result. 

Andy De la Garza, DDS, and Craig Wright, DDS, are our experienced dentists here at Windcrest. Dr. Wright is a University of Texas certified oral implantologist. Together, their combined experience and training make our practice an excellent choice for oral surgery and more. 

We offer an array of oral surgical services at our San Antonio dental practice, including: 

Sinus Lifts 
Sinus Grafts 
Bone Grafts 
Third Molar Extractions 
Dental Implant Placement and Restoration 

Advanced Technologies for Superior Results 

Our state-of-the-art clinic uses all digital methods to take records and plan for our patients’ oral surgeries. Tools like our digital impressions and cone beam x-ray afford us a higher level of precision and accuracy when placing dental implants- a priceless investment for both dentist and patient. Our modern, high-tech equipment coupled with our commitment to ongoing education ensures patients at Windcrest Cosmetic and General Dentistry receive exceptional results. 

Dental Implant Placement and Preparation 

At our San Antonio dental practice, we single-handedly deliver dental implants. Our office is a one-stop-shop for all the steps on your journey to a restored smile. 
Dr. Wright places dental implants right in one of our comfortable operatories. If necessary, he can also perform preparatory procedures, like sinus grafts, sinus lifts, and bone grafts. Our patients enjoy the comfort and convenience of our all-inclusive dental implant services. 

Choose the Experienced Oral Surgeons at Windcrest Cosmetic and General Dentistry 

Oral surgery is a serious undertaking that should be met with qualified providers and modern equipment. Our San Antonio dental practice has the means to provide excellent oral surgical procedures. Drs. Wright and De la Garza are committed to the health and wellness of their patients. 

If you have more questions about the procedures we provide, please feel free to browse our site and call us for more information. We look forward to working with you! 


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