Under certain conditions, your oral health can be improved by the removal of a tooth. Walzem Family Dental Associates can help you throughout this process, from determining if an affected tooth requires extraction to the best option for replacement.

While we make every attempt to save natural teeth, extraction may be the ideal solution for a smile affected by complications such as:

Gum Disease

While fissures in the teeth can sometimes be treated with the application of a crown, if the crack reaches the roots or is too big to seal, then it will become necessary to extract the tooth before infection and discomfort occur. When a tooth is judged to be beyond repair during a standard check-up, we take the time to discuss our findings and review all treatment options with our patients. This one-on-one meeting includes a series of digital x-rays and a comprehensive examination to assess the state of the tooth in question accurately.

Safe Removal

Our team of dentists performs teeth extractions with your comfort in mind. No matter the tooth involved, this course of treatment requires the utmost precision to avoid harming the surrounding teeth. The state-of-the-art technology at our office includes digital imaging and will facilitate accurate and safe treatment preparation for every patient we see. Also, we uphold the strictest standards of care when it comes to protecting our patients. We provide protective eyewear before any treatment takes place and adopt sterilization protocols that ensure each instrument we use is in exceptional condition.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Our oral structure is developed to include a designated number of teeth when we reach adulthood. Our ancestors had an additional two sets of molars on the back of each dental arch. These teeth will still emerge in many people, and their extraction is mandated by dental professionals. Through wisdom tooth extraction, we can prevent crowding, alleviate discomfort caused by a retained third molar, and preserve the structure of neighboring teeth.   

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