Your Dental Implant Plan

Learn About Dental Implant Plans From Windcrest Cosmetic Dentistry 


Your Dental Implant Plan


This form is designed to help you understand your dental implant treatment and possible options you may have.

There are several ways to approach your implant needs. Optional procedures and protocols may effect the esthetic outcome, outcome predictability, cost and time in treatment.

The simplest treatment plan offers the most esthetic, predictable, least expensive and fastest treatment approach. In other situations, the treatment necessary to produce the most esthetic and/or predictable outcome may involve procedures that effect the cost and/or the time in treatment.

Here at Windcrest Cosmetic Dental, we start with a diagnostic work-up. The work-up includes making study models, a cone beam CT scan and waxed mock ups of the proposed final restoration. Using the information we get from this study, we can design the best implant placement based upon the principle of restorative driven implant placement. As stated earlier, this placement may be 100% compatible with the existing conditions in your mouth in which case no additional procedures are required. In other situations, the most esthetic or most predictable outcome may require the implant to be placed in a position that is not presently satisfactory for ideal implant placement. Therefore an additional procedure may be required to help obtain an optimal esthetic and/or predictable final restoration. These additional procedures are most commonly forms of soft tissue grafting or bone grafting which can involve additional surgical procedures, increased treatment time and increased cost.

Other points of your plan may allow for immediate implant placement following extraction and immediate provisionalization (using a temporary crown.) In an ideal situation, this is obviously the most desirable option, however this approach may affect the final outcome. If this is the case we will discuss other options as part of our preoperative planning. 


Pre-surgical Instructions For Implant Patients

Day Before Surgery

1.       Use Peridex mouth wash twice a day after regular brushing (continue using until told to stop).

2.       Start prescribed antibiotic-usually Amoxicillin 500-3x a day-and continue until all are taken (usually 10 days).

3.       Fill prescription for pain meds.

4.       If tolerated, start ibuprophen, 400 mg., every 4 hours while awake.

Day of Surgery

1.       Eat good breakfast.

2.       Use mouthwash just before leaving home.

3.       Take antibiotics.

4.       Take 800 mg. ibuprophen.

5.       Take second dose of ibuprophen, 800 mg. 6 hours after first.

6.       Diet as directed for remainder of day.

Days After Surgery

1.       Continue mouthwash 2x per day;continue antibiotics until all are taken.

2.       Diet as instructed-usually liquid/soft for first few days.

3.       Call office or Dr. Wright if questions or concerns come up (657-0101 or 771-4528).

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