Cleanings & Prevention

Cleaning and Prevention in San Antonio 

If you view dental care as necessary only when problems arise, then you are missing out on the most important aspect of oral health - preventive care. Preventive care means you approach your dental health proactively, so your smile can last a lifetime. 

Dr. Craig Wright and Dr. Andy De la Garza strive to keep your oral care conservative by utilizing state-of-the-art technology and encouraging meticulous dental hygiene care. With routine comprehensive exams and cleanings, Windcrest Cosmetic and General Dentistry in San Antonio keep your smile in top condition. 

Exams and Cleanings Help Ensure Conservative Dental Care

We cannot stress enough the importance of seeing your dentist twice a year for routine visits. Early detection prevents minor dental issues from escalating into problems that require major dental repairs. Avoiding the expense of invasive procedures is a good motivation for keeping regularly scheduled appointments. 

Windcrest Cosmetic and General Dentistry use powerful imaging technology to gain precise images of your teeth. This allows us to detect cavities in their earliest stage and share them with you on a computer monitor. We also screen for oral cancer at every exam to protect your health. The more informed you are of your dental condition, the better choices you can make in selecting treatments. Modern digital x-rays use minimal radiation for the safety of your smile. 

Regular hygiene treatments are also important in cleaning those nooks and crevices in your smile that may be overlooked in the daily care of your teeth and gums. Cleanings include a fluoride treatment to fortify your teeth’s enamel and a tooth polishing to removes debris from tooth surfaces that may harbor harmful bacteria. Polishing also uses an abrasive paste to gently remove surface stains from teeth, giving you a bright and healthy smile.

Education and Encouragement in Oral Health Care 

At Windcrest Cosmetic and General Dentistry, we know that education is key to helping patients maintain oral health. We counsel patients on tips for optimal oral health care, which includes techniques to clean teeth, diet recommendations that assist oral health, and warnings on the potential risks of using tobacco. We want to motivate our patients to take an active role in maintaining healthy and attractive smiles. 

Windcrest Cosmetic and General Dentistry in San Antonio for Optimal Oral Health

Dr. Craig Wright and Dr. Andy De la Garza seek to keep your teeth as healthy as possible, so you can avoid extensive dental treatments. With precise exams, thorough cleanings, and important education, you will be better equipped to enjoy your smiles for a lifetime. Contact Windcrest Cosmetic and General Dentistry in San Antonio to schedule an appointment that will keep your smile radiating health and beauty.

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